Is a Business Credit Card better than a Consumer Credit Card?

How are you going to select your next credit card? Our Chief Paralegal and Credit Repair Specialist in Austin, Texas, Joseph Horton has a quick tip for you!

If you go on the internet, you’re going to quickly find some great deals for business credit cards. Nearly anyone can apply for a business card and actually get it, but should you? You need to think about that, because they have different rules than consumer credit cards. These rules are very complicate and geared to help the banks, and not you the consumer.

For example, they can raise the interest rate on a moment’s notice without letting you know. With a consumer credit card, they have to wait 45 days. You are guaranteed a grace period on a consumer credit card; with a business credit card, not at all.

So although you may get a good deal upfront such as extra bonus points and other perks, over the long haul, a business credit card could end up costing you more.

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About the Author
Joseph Horton is currently the President, CEO, and Chief Paralegal at MyCreditRepairSpecialists.com, he specializes in helping consumers establish excellent credit scores and then leverage those scores to access credit and better financial tools to improve their lives and financial futures. Given the scope of Mr. Horton’s legal experience and tenacious advocacy for his clients, he is able to utilize and assert the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act to remove inaccurate, untimely and unverifiable information from consumer credit reports. Mr. Horton is also the mastermind behind the release of the Netflix and Build credit improvement strategy. For more information on consumer credit scoring, consumer credit, and credit repair, please visit www.MyCreditRepairSpecialists.com

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